An age-fighting intensive care mask for elastic, firm and translucent skin
Specification: 30 ml × 5 pieces
Key Ingredients: ARRESO
Composed of hundreds of excellent polypeptide growth factors, it directly reaches the microenvironment of the deep skin, and communicates with the skin cells to effectively activate the vitality of the deep skin cells, so that the skin can gain self-renewability and become water-filling and translucent.
Featured Technology Compound:
Palmitoyl tripeptide-5, acetyl hexapeptide-8 and nicotinamide help smooth and fade the epidermal wrinkles and brighten the skin.
Brighten, lift and moisturize the skin, to restrain the wrinkles and exert a tender and tightening effect.
Skin Type: All
Age: Over 25
01 Clean your face and dry the skin
02 Unfold the mask, remove the mesh membrane, and align the mask with the eyes and lips, adjusting it to fit the skin.
03 Wait for 10~15 minutes before taking off the mask from the bottom, and then gently massage to make the remaining essence completely absorbed.
04 There is no need to clean your face. It is recommended that the Arreso Essence be applied on the face for more than 6 hours.